Incident Desk



Smart Phone Application

The Incident Desk smart phone app can be used with any touch screen smart phone with an internet connection. 

It provides the user with full incident management capabilities.

Unlike other smart phone applications the Incident Desk smart phone app makes use of an unlimited number of expandable site and category levels. This enables the user to log incidents in great detail in four easy steps.






 Adding an incident

An incident can be added with 4 easy steps:

1: Choose from unlimited customers, sites and locations.

2: Choose an incident category from unlimited categories and sub-category.

3: Choose the incident impact level, the person the incident was reported by and the incident status.

4: Type the incident detail and save.






 Adding photos to an incident

Photos can be added to an incident with the following easy steps:

Step 1: Click on the photo button at step 4 in the incident wizard.

Step 2: Save or discard the photo.

Step 3: Capture additional photos by clicking the photo button again.

Step 4: Type the incident detail and save. The photos will now be uploaded and added to the incident.


Photo upload using the smart phone app





 Update Incident and add actions

Any incident or scheduled task can have numerous actions. 

These actions can be added using either the PC or smart phone application and assigned to a resource. 

The resource will be notified through a sms, email or the smart phone application of any new incidents or actions. 

The resources can then reply and update the incident. All actions pertaining to an incident or scheduled task will be listed in the application.