Incident Desk



Incident Desk Shared-Services

Incident Desk is available as a private solution (for the customer's own specific use) or an industry specific shared-service. The advantages of a shared-service are the following:  

    The user automatically receives an industry best-practice environment

    Any improvements made by other users are available to you

    All administration functions are performed by Solution House Software leading to even greater simplicity

    The take-on costs are lower

    Numerous functions such as integrated smart phone applications are included as standard

We launched our first shared-service, focused on urban management and public safety and security, in 2014 and the uptake has been phenomenal.

Available Shared-Service Environments

    Urban Management

    Public Safety and Security

    Facility Management

    Maintenance Management

    Security Estate Maintenance Management

    Security Estate Environmental Management

    Security Estate Security Management












Incident Desk will help you to:

  • Cut costs
  • Consolidate software
  • Allow you to support and manage only one cloud-based application
  • Provide a central point for all site activity data
  • Centralise and simplify reporting