Incident Desk



Who should use it?

Incident Desk provide you with the functionality to combine numerous applications or activities commonly found in any business, thereby saving costs and leading to efficiencies.


Facility and Maintenance Managers

Incident Desk provides facility managers with an effective but easy-to-use solution for managing incidents and routine tasks, such as maintenance, in their facilities. Many FM applications available in the market is overly complex and difficult and expensive to use, install and support.

Incident Desk provides essential functionality while maintaining ease of use.


IT and Help Desk Managers

Incident Desk provide IT service managers with a quick and easy way for support agents or the customer to log, update or close calls, and provide detailed reporting on tickets.


Security and Control Room Managers

Incident Desk provides control room managers with a quick and easy way to log incidents, update actions, close calls and provide detailed reporting on occurrences.


Remote Monitoring Service Providers

Remote monitoring service providers (CCTV remote monitoring, alarm monitoring, armed response) are under constant pressure to provide better service, notification and reporting while constantly reducing cost.

Incident Desk offers a cost effective solution to improve service and increase efficiency.